Monday, 26 January 2009

Mad not bad

If your dog may do one or several of the following:

Chew destructively
Bark or whine
Inappropriate urination and/or defecation
… or worse

it is not bad but has separation anxiety.

So says Eli Lilly and company.

They reckon that "separation anxiety results when your pet becomes so upset by your absence the stress causes him to behave badly". Their own research shows that "separation anxiety affects 10.7 million or 17 percent of dogs in the United States" and that "veterinarians estimate nearly 60 percent of cases go undiagnosed". There's no academic reference for this data. For animals the findings do not seem to have to be subject to peer-review in journals before they are quoted as facts. Further evidence that animals are getting a worse deal about antidepressants than humans.

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